The Perils of Logo Design

The St Brigid's Cross 「セント ·ブリジッド·クロス」

Traditional Irish St Brigid's Cross

Traditional Irish St Brigid's Cross

St Brigid is a patron saint of Ireland and her feast day is the 1st of February. She was a slave woman who would go on to be one of the first Irish Christian nuns, a founder of several monasteries and she is also attributed with creating the distinctive form of this cross which bears her name. 

Many Irish people keep a St Brigid's Cross in a place of honor in their home, to protect against fire and evil spirits.


It is thought that she created this design while nursing an old pagan chieftain who lay delirious on his deathbed. As she sat by his bedside, trying to calm and console him, she picked up some of the rushes which were strewn across the floor.  As her fingers played with the dry strands, she started weaving them together, eventually forming a cross.

As she worked she explained the meaning of the cross to the sick man.  Her calming words brought peace to his soul. The chieftain's fever broke, and he grew quiet.

I took inspiration for the 巨人のシューハウス logo from the design of this simple handmade cross. The reason for this was mainly because I think it's a really cool design and I like the way these crosses are widespread throughout many homes in Ireland. 


After 16 different attempts, I decided on the design below to be my logo.

Hurray! and Phew, I'm glad that's over! 「えらべられました、うれしいです!」

Final Logo Design No. 16 of 16

Logo Idea No. 7 of 16

Of course since my lovely wife (hello Ai) is a designer I was luckly enough to hear her opinion everytime I'd a new design ;-) Have a look at these 2 logo finalists and let me know what you think?

Ai said No. 7 looked like a Ninja star, that's not the impression I was going for...ha.「愛によると、7番のクロスは手裏剣みたいです;-/...多文化意識が必要ですね。セーフ!ありがとございました愛さん。」

Logo Idea No. 3 of 16

Here is another early idea. I was trying to just keep it simple, but maybe this one was a little too simple.  「おそらく、3番は少しシンプルだったと思った」