A Little Bit Of The Irish Brogue

I guess many Japanese people recognize there is a big difference between British English and American English . However, did you know that Irish English has some very unique words that are not used anywhere else in the English speaking world? To give you an idea, I've set out a small challenge below. Good luck!!


アイリッシュ英語方言挑戦I really hope when you read this you’ll Head Over to 巨人のシチューハウス for a few Scoops, some nice Grub and a bit of Deadly Craic. When you get here, if you’re not too Hammered, I can gladly help you practice your Irish Brogue 


I've listed below 25 Irish English words that come to mind, but I think there are many many more…If you know some other ones just drop me a comment below or on Facebook or twitter. 


Actually many English speaking people who visit Ireland are often confused because there are so many different words.


Have a look at the video below which shows tourists in Ireland trying to understand Irish English.