episode 10 of 12 - October 2017: the Presidential Distinguished Service Awards for the Irish Abroad in 2017

For October, our guest is Hideki Mimura, Recipient of The Presidential Distinguished Service Award, 2017.

This award was established by the Irish Government as a means to recognize the contribution of members of the Irish diaspora towards furthering Irish culture and supporting local communities abroad. It's a truly fantastic achievement for a Japanese national to recieve this prestigious award, yet very fitting when you consider the many years of voluntary effort Mimura san has contributed to the Irish Community here in Japan.

After a tough year following the loss of his oldest daughter, Melissa, to a tragic car accident, its safe to say the Irish Community here in Japan wish Mimura san and his family all the very best for the future.

Congratulations Mimura san, and good luck when you meet President of Ireland, Dr. Michael D. Higgins to receive your honor.

Episode 11 of 12 - November 2017: Homemade Irish Food, A Cookbook by Yumiko Matsui

For our November podcast we spoke with Yumiko Matsui, author of an Irish Food Cookbook which has been published in Japanese. She stopped by and shared a little bit about her background and how she got interested in Ireland and Irish cuisine.





episode 9 of 12 - September 2017: 30 years of the Irish network japan

Almost 30 years ago the Irish Network Japan (INJ) held their very first Annual General Meeting. Despite taking many forms over the years, the INJ has remained a constant for the promotion of Irish Culture here in Japan.

To celebrate this fantastic milestone we spoke with current Chairman Declan Sommers and long-term member and Ireland/Cong enthusiast, Manzo Inuishi about their involvement and the history of the INJ.




Episode 8 of 12 - August 2017: Celtic Folktales in Japan

For our august podcast we had the pleasure of speaking with Yoko Watanabe, expert in celtic mythology and author of several books covering Irish Folktales.

Her story is indeed a fascinating one. She stopped by with her closes friends, Toshiaki Shimoyama and Toshiko Murakami, both of whom have also developed a keen interest in Ireland thanks to their many years of friendship.









Episode 7 of 12 - July 2017: Japan and the GAA (Gaelic Athletic Association)

Leading up to the Japan Ladies GAA team showcasing their talent and commitment during the half-time break of the Dublin vs Monaghan game in Croke Park, we were delighted to speak to Luke Dillon & Daire Walsh from Japan GAA.

It was great to hear about the GAA community and everything they're doing to help promote the game here in Japan.



Episode 6 of 12 - June 2017: Rugby in Japan Leading to World Cup 2019

Following the successful Irish summer tour of Japan we were delighted to speak with Yuichi Ueno, Chairman of Japan's Super Rugby Team - The Sunwolves.

With Ireland, Scotland and Japan in the same group for World Cup in 2019 it'll be interesting to see how the Sunwolves (Where the Japanese team draw most of their players) progress over the next two years in the Super Rugby competition.


Episode 5 of 12 - May 2017: Feile Tokyo, Irish Music & Dance Festival 2017

As we lead up to Feile Tokyo 2017, the Irish Music and Dance Festival running from June 16th - 18th we got to speak with the full planning committee from CCE (Comhaltas Ceoltoiri Eireann) Japan to chat about the History of the CCE Branch here in Tokyo and their upcoming event.






Episode 4 of 12 - April 2017: Living in Ireland, A Japanese perspective

On our April episode we talked to three Japanese people with experience living in Ireland. They kindly agreed to share their interesting and funny stories and experiences with us.

Guest Details:
- Sae Ishiwatari, Owner of Seamus O'Hara Irish Pub
- Yoshio Takahata, 'Seanchai' or Celtic Story Teller
- Yuki Hara, Canon International IP Executive



Episode 3 of 12 - March 2017: Starting your Business In Japan

In February, Kyojin no Stewhouse celebrated our 2nd anniversary and for this month's episode we thought it would be nice to hear from a few other entrepreneurs, about how they came to Japan, got started and what they are doing now.

Guest Details

Matthew Connoly & Paul Timmons, Founders of Eire Systems, an IT Service provider based in Asia

Stacey Ward, Founder of Mornington Cresent, a Bakery and Baking School in Tokyo

Robin Gentleman, Founder of Modern Kasa, a Furniture Company based in Asia


Episode 2 of 12 - Febraury 2017: St PAtrick's DAy in Japan

In our 2nd episode of The Three Pint Podcast we're chatting about "St Patrick's Day in Japan". This month we get some insight from the Irish Ambassador as well as some behind the scenes details from representatives of the Irish Network Japan & Irish Japan Chamber of Commerce.

Guest Details

Ms Anne Barrington, Ambassador of Ireland to Japan

Mr. Yoshihiro Tsuchiya, Vice President of the Ireland Japan Chamber of Commerce

Ms. Tom Toi, Irish Network Japan Representative

Episode 1 of 12 - January 2017: Subculture of Irish Music in Tokyo

The first episode in our dedicated podcast celebrating 60 years of diplomatic relations between Ireland and Japan focuses on the "Subculture of Irish Music in Japan". We speak with 3 guests who have kindly agreed to stop by and share a little bit about their love of Irish Music and the scene here in Tokyo. Just a casual chat to hear their stories and experiences over a few pints.

Guest Details

Mr. Kazuo Oikawa, Professor of Literature and Culture at Waseda University

Mr. Takafumi Fukanuma, Talented Musician & the first ever Japanese CCE (Comhaltas Ceoltoiri Eireann) TTCT Qualified Music Instructor and Stephan Roche fan

Ms. Yasuko Teramachi, CCE Japan Branch Representative